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While many celebrities get their fame from movies, music, and all other stuff that bring fame and wealth, Stephanie Connell takes another path. She likes to call herself an art collector. With a website displaying her collection of several antiques, it is safe to say Connell has a burning passion for arts to be spoken of widely. However, fans want to know, despite her success, if Stephanie Connell is married.

Connell has been careful not to divulge any of her personal details online. She became relatively famous because of her BBC Bargain Hunt show, where she discusses arts and memorabilia, especially entertainment memorabilia.

Having over 15 years of experience collecting antiques and all other art souvenirs, she has become a go-to for celebrities who are interested in having art pieces improve their homes aesthetically. But while Stephanie Connell beautifies your home with antique arts, let’s find out in this post if she has a man beautifying her home, or if such matters to her.

Fast Facts About Stephanie Connell

Here are quick facts you should know about Stephanie Connell:

Nothing much to know, right? There’s more in this article than Stephanie Connell could keep out of the media like the rest of her info. Read on.

The Artistic Early Life of Stephanie Connell

Meanwhile, as a child, Connell was fascinated with antiques. As early as the age of nine (9), Connell was already collecting stamps. The unusual excitement in the antique collection pushed her to become the collector of arts that she is today. Her drive back then as a child was to be an expert.


Stephanie Connell attended secondary school in Cockermouth, Cumbria. Afterward, she obtained a Bachelors Degree in History of Art and Design from Manchester Metropolitan University. She didn’t stop there as she pursued a Masters Degree in Fine Arts Valuation from the Prestigious Southampton Solent University.

If you think Connell would relent on those qualifications, then you are wrong. You cannot stop a passionate person from pursuing her goals, can you? Stephanie proceeded to earn a Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Design.

If we measure all these qualifications, we would find that Connell has systematically forged a formidable career that cuts across everything that has to deal with arts.

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The Career of her Dreams

Starting small is a mantra that describes how people became successful today. This is exactly what Connell did. The foundation of her career was taking up a Sales Room Assistant job at Mitchells Fine Art Auctioneers and Valuers.

After that experience, she got another job at Bonham Auctioneers in 2006, where she rose to the position of Director of Collector Sales, and the Head of the Entertainment memorabilia Department.

She participated in the sale of the family archive of famous singer George Harrison and the auction of the BBC TV series Doctor Who. One famous sale that people would forever recognize her for is the estate of the late Lord Richard Attenborough and Sir Lee’s Lord of The Rings collection.

Stephanie Connell has over the years become an expert in her field, with many of her works gaining recognition by academia.

In this regard, for more people to access her works and her expertise, she launched her own website in 2014. There, she renders services like sales advice on antiques, acquisitions, and collections.

She regularly features on the BBC TV’s Bargain Hunt. It is a show that requires her to travel to places, exploring their cultures, visiting their museums, meeting up with new people, and also discovering ancient antiques.

She is currently on the Antiques Road Trip series for the BBC, where she teams up with Charlie Ross as they seek to explore antiques from all over the world.

Is Stephanie Connell Married?

Connell has chosen the privacy path, as she has no record of her mentioning her marriage. It seems this gorgeous lady is solely focused on her career without letting her private life mix with it.

There are no rumors nowhere, none whatsoever that points to her involvement with a man. Not even a mention of her dating.

So, in caps, we don’t know if Stephanie Connell is married. There are pictures of her with a man, anyway. But that is Charlie Ross, her co-host of the BBC Antiques Road Trip. Charlie Ross is married to Sally Ross and they have two children and four grandchildren, so Ross is out of the game.

That leaves us stranded with information about whether Stephanie Connell is married, but well, something may come out soon and you know where to check, right? Here, of course!

Stephanie Connell’s Net Worth

Just as her details aren’t in the open, so is her net worth. We have no information about Stephanie Connell’s salary from hosting the shows. We also have no information whatsoever about her website’s income. So, it is impossible to determine her worth.

But we can say with some level of assurance that Stephanie Connell is living the life of her dreams.

Is Stephanie Connell Active on Social Media?

As an art person, it is only normal for her to make use of the social media space to try to capture her prospective customers. She is quite active on Instagram where she showcases her collections offering expert advice for people who want to have some antiques too.

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