John Cessarich Net Worth: A Timeline of His Life and Career

Mysteriously shrouded is John Cessarich net worth; like how much is this great man having served for two decades? Undoubtedly, an astute weather forecast reporter, Cessarich is worth more as a person. Forecasting weather reports come with his desire to create a comfortable and calm experience for residents of hurricane-prone areas.

Consequently, John Cessarich becomes interpreted with positive energy and strength especially during and in the aftermath of hurricane events. Sharing knowledge about survival tips and some life hacks helped reduce the number of casualties in times of disaster.

All thanks to John Cessarich for reaching out through his broadcast to such communities and for teaching these tips. Grateful too, for the risks he takes trying to reach communities undergoing hurricane disasters by flying.

Yes, you read right, he takes risks flying on most occasions flying in the eye of the storm. Aiming at reporting events as it is just right after the hurricane is over. Attaching empathy and professionalism to weather reporting creates a stable environment to demystify the recurring problems of the hurricane.

Notwithstanding, avid loyalists still want to know John Cessarich’s net worth and whether he does a side business. To tackle this, this post gives a little information about his bio and life generally. Adding to this is a timeline of his career activities beginning from his college days.

Furthermore, by exploring details about his career maybe you can take a quick guess on how much he is worth. For now, permit us to introduce Chief Meteorologist John Cessarich!


Right up from his growing days John Cessarich desperately wished to be a meteorologist possibly living a sedentary life.  This desire comes right on the heels of his experiencing the devastating effects of the Category F5 Topeka tornado.  Not factoring into the equation of him being an on-air-weather reporter, in retrospect, sounds interesting now.

John Cessarich was born on the 20th of November 1959 to the Cessarichs in Los Angeles California. While there is nothing written on the personal details of his life, John is a graduate of the University of Kanas.

Indeed, John Cessarich loves sports and twice now carried Olympic torches in 1996 and sometime in 2002. Also in 1988, John Cessarich played Celebrity Tennis Tournament in Atlanta for the benefit of the American Diabetes Association. To date, John enjoys playing a tough match of ping-pong with his three brothers. The movie The Wizard of Oz remains his favorite movie of all time. 

John Cessarich Career and Awards

Serving others and the community where he resides in John’s passionate activity therefore he volunteers to spot and chase a tornado. Undertaking this activity with zeal, John garners a much useful experience to be a successful weather forecaster. 

Afterward, John secured his first job and his first assignment is to fly through a thunderstorm, to obtain information for research. Later on, he works as a National Meteorologist in Chicago, moves on to KESQ in Palm Springs California. Again, John switches on to The Weather Channel working as its on-air-meteorologist before moving on to Atlanta WXIA.

The WXIA is an NBC affiliate and from here he moves on to WRGB, Albany New York putting in five years. Moving forward on to WYFF News 4, he relocates his family to Greenville and starts work as Chief Meteorologist.

Broadcasting Live from South Carolina Coast throughout the three Hurricanes of Bertha, Fran, and Bonnie.  Despite the backstabs he gets while climbing this ladder, John persists and it pays off now.


Following his achievements, he is 8 times a recipient of The Southeast Regional Emmy for Best Weathercaster. A 13 times recipient of the Award of TV Personality of the Year and a 6 times Best Weather Caster.

Respectively, the later award category is given by the South Carolina Broadcasters Association. John is an inductee into the Silver Circle of the National Academy of TV Arts and Science Hall, South Carolina. Sometime in 2019, John receives the South Carolina Broadcaster’s Association honor of a Masters Award.

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Currently a member of The American Meteorologist Society, he owns the much-celebrated AMS TV Seal of Approval. Furthermore, John Cessarich first starts as a radio reporter. It is one record that he once flew with the Blue Angles. You cannot miss him at 4 pm, and should you, you have 5/5;30pm, 6 pm, and 11 pm together with the TV Show John on The Road.

John Cessarich Net Worth

Despite all these notable acclaims, John Cessarich is neither super-rich nor poor-he is just comfortable living off his salary. Suffice it to say here that, he owns nor runs any other business.

Although nothing is substantiating this report, we do know that he loves cake, sports and has a family. He makes his home in Greenville with his two children and his wife Connie who is a registered nurse. In the year 2019, John Cessarich retired from active duty as a Chief Meteorologist for the WYFF News 4.

He is replaced by Chris Justus another seasoned on-air-meteorologist as a Chief Meteorologist at the WYFF News 4. Briefly on Chris Justus, Chris Justus in high school serve as a left guard for the school football. Recently, he moves to Greenville with his family in 2013 to begin work at the WYFF News 4. John upon graduation from college earns a triple major in Meteorology, Geography, and Radio and TV Film.

John Cessarich is not active online and has no Instagram handle. But you can follow the WYFF Instagram handle to receive updates on John Cessarich.


The astute weather forecast reporter retires in November 2019 and wishes to settle down to his other hobby sports. Although we desire to see him take it a notch higher by becoming a professional, it depends on him.

Perhaps he chooses to make play sport as a way of keeping fit or just for fun. Or he works at it consistently, becoming a professional, we are here to cheer him on. Constantly celebrating him, his fans still do wonder at John Cessarich net worth.