Khaled Mohamed Khaled

Khaled Mohamed Khaled, known as DJK, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Palestine, on November 26, 1975.

After that, they migrated to the USA. He called himself a religious Muslim. His brother is an actor. His parents both were musicians who played Arabic Tunes. Listening to Arabic tunes while growing up became his hobby. He found interest in Music and started rapping, and both parents pursued his passion.

Khaled Mohamed Khaled Stat:

Date of birth November 26, 1975
Nick Name Known for many
Age 46 (as per 2021)
Career Actor, model, movie maker, film director, Screenwriter
Country of origin Palestine
Passion DJ, Singer, Voice Artist, Actor, File producer
Net Worth $80 Million

Khaled Mohamed Khaled Career

In the early ’90s, Khaled started sound clashes by mixing dancehall with hip-hop. But, as Music is his passion, he experimented with different tracks and felt happy while creating new themes. And towards the end of the ninety’s turned into when Khaled started his radio hosting profession as the host of The Luke show.

He hosted this show with 2 live teams, Luther Campbell.

After working with many singers, Khaled started recording his songs, and in June 2006, his first album called ‘Listen was released. He continually worked on it, and his 2nd album, called ‘We the Best,’ Was released after a year.

Since then, he’s launched multiple albums, which includes the under:

  • Victory (2010)
  • Suffering from success (2013)
  • Major Key (2016)
  • Grateful (2017)

Khaled Mohamed Khaled Acting: 

A Multi-talented DJK also worked for a movie. In Spies in disguise, he did a voice-over, an animated film released on December 25, 2019. He also played the worst character in Bad Boys. 

He also worked in different movies, including Pitch perfect 3, Shottas, Justin Bieber: Seasons, and Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan.

Khaled Mohamed Khaled Awards: 

Awards are something that gives you the motivation to do your work more efficiently. DJK also won many awards as under:

  • Best DJ of the Year (BET Hip-Hop Award for 2011, 2012 & 2016)
  • MVP of the Year BET Hip-Hop Award (2016) 
  • Snapchatter of the year, Shorty Award (2016)
  • Hustler of the year BET Hip-Hop Award(2016)

Khaled Mohamed Khaled Net Worth:

DJ Khaled has an Estimated net worth of 80 Million Dollars as of July 2021. He earned this money through making Music. His Songs also made many records of sale. He also does many brand promotions and earns money. However, he has many fans on Snapchat and is a sensation of the modern age. 

DJ Khaled has a huge fan following, but he is so down to earth artist, unlike other artists. He continuously praises the excellent work of fellow artists. 

He is a very jolly person and tries to keep his fans. The internet is flooded with memes about him, but he never minds them and also enjoys them.

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