Mark Weins Bio and Net Worth: A Timeline

Mark Weins is a top food blogger who also loves to travel

Studies have shown that people’s culture reflects in what they eat and how they eat. But how would one convert these experiences into a money-making venture? More especially, because one would rather choose to travel than be gainfully employed.

There was no known public example of anyone who promotes this as a lifestyle or even as a business until Mark Weins came onboard. Today, through his teachings, many know how it is done.

Residing in Thailand to start a family is just Mark Weins living his dreams. This is in addition to the cool sums Mark Weins makes blogging and vlogging. Actually, there is a uniqueness about Mark Weins’s story and how he left the USA to settle in Thailand. That’s what you will discover as you dive into this article.

Fast Facts About Mark Weins

Here are quick facts you should know about Mark Weins:

  • Name: Mark Weins
  • Nationality: American
  • Age: 35 years
  • Famous for: Blogging and Vlogging about food and travels
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse: Ying Wein
  • Height: 5ftg 6
  • Weight: 64kg
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Net Worth: $2.4 Million

 A Little About Mark Weins

Mark is a chef. He got married in 2013 to a Southern Thai native, Ying who is also a chef. He was born in Phoenix, Arizona on the 26th of February 1986 to a Chinese mother and an American father who were missionaries although there is no information about their religious affiliations. The family later moved from Arizona to Alberto France on a missionary tour.

Altogether, Mark Weins spent just a year in France, and thereafter the family moves down to Africa. Settling in a town Tandala in DRC for three years and during that period, he was homeschooled.

Unfortunately, the prevailing political turbulence droves the whole family out of the country, so, they had to settle in Nairobi Kenya. Arriving in Kenya, Mark enrolled in the International School. After graduation, he returned to the USA, took up a degree in Global Studies at Arizona State University.

While at college, Mark worked full time and was able to save up for life after graduation. Mark Weins graduated from college in 2008 and traveled to South American sampling meals. That was how his journey as a food blogger started.

Mark is not only good at sampling street foods, he is a vlogger, blogger, author, and video host. He also loves to travel. What fascinates him is culture; The way people eat and how they eat what they eat. 

Ying Weins

Ying loves to cook, travel, blog, and create recipes. She is a mother of one and has been Mark’s travel companion.  She is a native of Karbi, Southern Thai. Remarkably, she is responsible for introducing Mark to Thai rich foods.


As earlier stated, Mark Weins after all his travel history finally settled in Bangkok. There, he took up a job as an English teacher.

He, however, felt discontented with teaching so he switched and picked up a job as a freelancer. Mark started blogging about food when he considered his pictures on meals and what to do with them. In 2009, He started blogging with his friend who is also an Arizona native Dwight Turner who shares the same interest with.

This is how the first blog Eating Thai Food began. Since then, he started creating content for YouTube.
Three years later, he writes an e-book titled Eating Thai Food Guide, and T-Shirts and caps.
The success of his first blog motivated him to start a second blog ‘Migrationlogy’ and a YouTube Channel ‘Mark Abroad’.

Mark Weins

Ironically a dislike for writing coupled with his love for Thai food drives him into posting pictures and videos on food. He is a lover of rich, well-spiced foods and meat. So he is not in any way going to switch his diet or lifestyle to be a vegan.

Mark recently launched an eBook ‘101 Things to do in Bangkok’. Just like every other entrepreneur, Mark Weins hates the average 9-5 blue-collar jobs. He wishes to settle and raise a family in Thai.

Mark Weins Net Worth

Garnering over, 1 billion views, with over 7 million subscribers earning $6500 per day. Due to challenges with keeping up with the creating contents and traveling, Mark now posts twice weekly. He posts every Wednesday and Sunday.

Asides all these, Mark also earns by ad placements, Amazon Affiliate links, and sometimes by sponsored adverts. He is running all these alongside his side hustle; a restaurant Phed Mark.

His net worth is valued at $2.4 million. Moreover, Mark advises up-and-coming video content creators on YouTube to create longer content, publish regularly, and be original in videos.

Check out his Instagram page.


Mark Weins is just an average male in the pursuit of happiness and value. Choosing to pursue his love for foods and traveling, Mark Weins has more programs for lined up for his fans.

He is the poster boy for living his passion and hobbies while making money from them. Luckily for him, he is married to a fellow chef and traveler.