Today in this article we will talk about Shane Q from The Voice. We will revel Shane Q Age, Shane Q Weight, Shane Q Height and everything in this article.

He was involved in the school choir, but only as the saxophone and drums player. He didn’t start singing until his teacher caught him singing along one day and urged him to join the choir.

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He began to feel more confident and started gigging and posting videos online. Shane is currently a minivan driver for United Cerebral Palsy and gigs on the weekends.

Some Unknown Fact About Shane Q

  • Does Shane Q Drink Alcohol?; Yes
  • Does Shane Q Smoke?; Yes

About Shane Q :-

Shane gets his musical talents from his dad, who gigs with Shane’s uncle and tunes pianos for a living. Shane was painfully shy growing up, but music eventually helped him come out of his shell.


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