Who is Michael Oher Wife? Rumors and Facts

Just as the teeming thousands ask who Michael Oher’s wife is, so do we ask. Ours is born out of the desire to know more about the legend called Michael Oher. Majorly because tracing his rise into stardom comes from a curious blend of some factors.

Asserting therefore that he is one fine lucky dude is of course stating the obvious, so is talking about his favors. But invariably this not mean that highlighting his persistence to stay strong beating the odds.

Wondering yet unable to understand why the basic things of life are not provided for him lead him to the streets. Surely, not everyone survives the damaging effects of the streets on a person’s psyche, however, Michael does.

And no, we are not in a better position to access whether or not he makes the right decisions. We are only content to celebrate the man he is despite his humbling circumstances. Consequently, achieving this, you will uncover some interesting aspects of his life.

One of which is how he finds love, warmth, and stability in the arms of a woman at his lowest points. Read on, as further into the post you may get to discover who Michael Oher wife is.

  • Name: Michael Oher
  • Nationality: American
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 34
  • Famous for: Playing American Football
  • Marital Status: Purportedly Single
  • Spouse: Not Available
  • Height: 6ft 8 inches
  • Weight: 102kg
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Net Worth: $15-20 Million

A Little About Michael Oher

Little Michael Oher did not think about the future. What mattered most to him was getting the attention of his parents, a little warmth, and food in his stomach. He wanted nothing more than these things, even the thought of going to school seemed far-fetched.

What little Michael Oher never understood was why his house was not home despite being 12 in number. Not too long after, he was taken to various foster homes and enrolled in nearby public schools.

So many times! Worse still, he lost his father in his senior year in High School while in prison.  And soon fate compensates him for his pain by Sean and Leigh Tuohy in 2004.

This lovely, nice couple adopts him as their son, pushing him to become the person he should be. But before this, with a little external help, he enrolls in Briarcrest Christian School. Soon afterward he signs up for the school football team, playing under coaches Tim Long and Hugh Freeze.

Career and Achievements

While in High School, his new family encouraged him to pursue his passion for football, so he made the varsity football team. Similarly, his grades picked up and this qualified him for Division I School of National College Athletic Association (NCAA).

Suddenly discovering him, colleges sent out admission offers to him to which he picked the University of Mississippi. Big Mike as he is fondly called, joined the NFL in 2009 going professional. Consequently, he became the 23rd draft for the Baltimore Ravens wearing jersey #74 and playing the right tackle position.

Thereafter, he lead the Baltimore Ravens to clinch the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ners. Sequel to playing for Baltimore Ravens, he signs a 5-year contract worth $13.8 million. Moving on to Tennessee Titans, again he signs a 4-year deal worth $20 million.

This contract falls through because he sustains injuries that incapacitate him, with the club rescinding the following year. He tries Carolina Panthers, signing a 2-year deal worth $7 million with the club yet it falls through.

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Now from 2004 to date, Michael has been the recipient of some awards. He wins the 2005 First Team Freshman All American in 2006, and the 2nd Team All-SSEC 2007-2008.

In 2008, he went home with the Shug Jordan Award as South East Offensive Lineman of the Year. Likewise, in that same year, he earned The Colonel Earl ‘Red’ Blaik Leadership Scholarship Award. Also, his brief stint with the Carolina Panthers enabled his recruiter Quarterback Cam Newton to clinch the MVP Award.

The Movie Blind Side

The next year 2009, Michael Oher got his amazing life story in prints. Becoming the inspiration for Michael Lewis ‘The Blind Side’ which was later made into an Oscar-winning movie.  Award-winning Sandra Bullock role-played Mrs. Leigh Tuohy while Actor Quinton Aaron becomes him.

Although expressing displeasure with the movie scripts, it is reputed that the movie netted a $300 million box office. Michael Oher owns a BMW and a Six-bedroom mansion worth $1.3 million.

Michael Oher enjoys a close relationship with his stepfamily. Although currently without a club, he freelances. Meanwhile, Michael Oher is worth between $15-20 Million. Big Mike loves to play basketball, football, and video games.

Michael Oher Wife

The media-shy Michael Oher prefers to keep personal aspects of his life private. And so far he has done a good job of it. The story on the street is that Michael Oher wife is an African American too just as he is.

Already he has just one past relationship which is beautifully concealed also. There is no other information about Michael Oher wife other than her nationality which too is speculation arising from the movie.

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 Michael Oher is now more concerned about the future of his career than about raising a family. And although we know him to have had just a past relationship, Big Mike wants to play football. He is determined to leave out personal details of his life away from the media.

Already there exist speculations as to his marital status but no one knows who Michael Oher wife is. So we can safely conclude that pending future events, Michael Oher is unmarried.