Johanna Maska Net Worth in 2020. Get All The Details Here

No one ever told Johanna Maska that she will be an important member of the Presidential Team from 2008-2015. I am also sure; she did not envisage that she will be living her life as a career mom.

Neither did it ever occur to her that she will while working as a working mom plan a media stunt for the President. And she did this from her labor bed just a few minutes to giving birth to Hugh her first son. Then Hugh joined her at seven weeks to plan a Presidential broadcast in Afghanistan. 

Johanna Maska always loved public policy, diplomacy, writing, and the media as a young girl growing up. Strange for an average female, Johanna did not mind learning the basics of politicking.

Growing up in a warm family, she learned to pursue her dreams even if it means leaving the city.  But first off, she started by working for her father at The Pizza Hut, learning people skills. Later on, involved in Iowa’s local politics, she muscles her way into the Obama campaign team.

Her diligence paid off when Barack Obama became the President of the USA and she gets appointed. Working for the Obama-led administration as a media person made her appreciate the complexities of governance.

This enlightened her to the entrepreneurial opportunities in technology and the internet. However, now no longer an integral part of the Presidential team, Johanna Maska’s net worth is undisclosed. Altogether listed below are personal facts about Johanna Maska which you will love to know.

  • Name: Johanna Maska
  • Nationality: American
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 29 years
  • Famous for: Working as media director for President Barack Obama
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse: Henry C. Jackson
  • Height: Undisclosed
  • Weight: Undisclosed
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Net Worth: Undisclosed

Johanna Maska Biography

Galesburg, Illinois welcomes Johanna Maska on the 15th of August 1990 to Mike and Cindy Maska. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, her father owns the V’s Restaurant and Brew Pub in Keokuk. While her two brothers Clayton own the Maska Heating and Cooling Business while George works for Caterpillar in Peoria.

She is the 2000 alumni of the Galesburg High School where she learns public policy and writing. Attributing all thankfulness to her teachers Sheryl Hinman and Cathy Wiley-Parkin for making her love writing and public policy. At 25, Johanna Maska gets married to her college editor Henry C. Jackson in Des Moines.

Her lowest moments were losing the Andy McGuire gubernatorial primaries in Iowa and watching her friend Kevin Beutner get fired. While her proudest moments were winning the Iowa primaries for Barack Obama and the subsequent appointment by the President.

Johanna loves to surf Pinterest, listen to NPR, drink coffee, read, surf the net for real estate offers. Besides, she loves to network at local events, bond with her son even if this means wearing costumes. Also, she loves the song Anything by Sara Bareilles and the book “A Short Guide to a Happy Life” by Anna Quindlen.

Johanna Maska loves to buy up old houses that she can renovate and that is if she can afford to. Johanna Maska is a graduate of the University of Kansas.

Career Progressions

Johanna’s interest in politics made her serve on board the Student Senate and the student newspaper during her College days. After graduating, her husband secured a job in Iowa which caused the young family to move. Now settling down in her new place, she participates in the Kansas political sphere by offering her services.

First off, she joins the Gubernatorial campaign team for Mike Bloun and Andy McGuire (which they lost at the primaries). Suffering this setback, she moves on seeking other platforms and ends up in the Governor’s team.

First volunteering as a constituent worker for Governor Kathleen Sebelius and later on becoming Assistant Press Secretary to Governor Sebelius. From here she gets to know Barack Obama by watching him on Television give an address at the Democratic Convention. But what attracts her to him is hearing him talk about her hometown Galesburg in that address.

Subsequently utilizing her husband’s connections, she ends up as a member of the Barack Obama Campaign team. Now a member of the Presidential Team, Johanna Maska’s work enables her to interface with other relevant media departments.

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As Presidential Media Aide

These departments are the office of the Press Secretary, Communications Director, and Director of Scheduling and Advance. As an expert in Visual Marketing, Strategic Communications, and Event Production, Johanna successfully plans Presidential itineraries and hosting.

Accordingly, she is responsible for planning the G8 Summit at the Presidential Resort, Camp David; the NATO meeting in Chicago. Other events like the APEC, successful state visit to South Africa, and the renowned Afghanistan National Broadcast. Indispensable and thorough, Johanna executes these tasks as a pregnant wife and later on a nursing mother.

Having no breaks nor leave, she multitasks as a nursing mom and as a media aide to the President. Fair enough, she enjoys what she does and she has the full support of her co-workers. Towards the season for re-election, Johanna was a guest on Dana Perino Television Show ‘The Daily Briefing’.

Interestingly, Dana Perino served as a media aide for President Bush. Serving her President as the Press Advance Director for eight years comes to an end in 2015. 

By this time, it is time to move on to better opportunities perhaps outside of government and politics. In pursuit of job offers, Johanna Maska joins the Los Angeles Times as the Vice President of Marketing and Communications. This makes the family move from Washington DC to Los Angeles.

Working this job for just four months, she moves on to the Karmic Lab (a fintech responsible for creating payment stack). Recently she joins her former colleagues (former USA Ambassadors) to run the Global Situation Room Inc. where she holds office as the CEO.

Johanna Maska Now

Garnering experience working in political and diplomatic circles, Johanna discovers the existing inequalities in the corporate world. As a result, she advocates for equal rights for women while teaching Communication at the University of Southern California.  

Johanna Maska serves as a Fellow at the Dole Institute of Politics in Kansas. And since public service, Johanna Maska’s net worth is undisclosed although the word on the street is that she earns way better now.


A proficient politician and diplomat, Johanna are possibly living a fun-filled life despite the regrets of past years. And one such regret is being unable to unify the existing and prevailing political ideals of Washington DC. Especially during her years of service to her close friend and boss President Barack Obama.

Notwithstanding, Johanna is making tremendous strides for someone her age. Mentoring young females seeking to set up a career, Johanna will always give you two pieces of advice. The first is ‘Always be the original version of you’ and the second is ‘Listen to advice even if you may not like the adviser’.