Calli Taylor

Calli Taylor seems to be a private person given that there are only a few data about her on the Internet. In fact, you’d rarely come across information about her parents, siblings, relationships.

However, this doesn’t take away her acting brilliance, which we have come to live with. Questions like how old is Calli Taylor? Where does Calli Taylor live? and many other related questions may leave you in a dead zone.

What you’ll find here, you probably have not come across on the internet, not even on Zuckerberg’s apps. You’ll discover things about Calli Taylor that you probably didn’t know before.

Fast facts about Calli Taylor

Before we dive into some very sensitive facts about Calli, quickly take a glance at a few highlights about her.

Who is Calli Taylor?

Calli is the first child of a radio broadcaster, who is also an executive producer in Gainesville, Florida. His name? Remember the privacy agreement we signed with Taylor at the beginning of this? Okay. It is in play. We don’t know his name. And we are not angry.
She was born on 5th January 1998 and we know very little about her high school. However, as a young girl, Taylor trained for dancing, singing with David Gray, as her tutor at Gray Studios in Los Angeles.

How Old is Calli Taylor?

Calli’s age has always been a debate to fans as she has portrayed characters on screen that requires an older person to play and she acts them right. Also, there are a host of other notable females with the name Calli Taylor, so the internet is full with different ages for Calli Taylor.
The Calli Taylor of The Wrong Boy Next Door is 22 years as of 2020, however, being born in January 1998. Yes, she is young and this means that her acting career is still very ripe.

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Her Career

It might appear shocking to many that Calli Taylor is an actress! Oh yes, she is. A very good one at that. She may not have the publicity that her fellow actresses have, again, because of her private life but, that doesn’t take away the fact that she is talented.
Rummaging through her Instagram page, you’d get to see comments that praise her acting skills and we, firsthand do not doubt the comments, she is that good.
Actually, Calli started her acting career at the age of 18. Since then, she has not looked back. She may not have gotten the major movies deal, but the ones she has featured in have been lit by her mercurial acting skills.
Her role in the movie, Courier (2019) drew a lot of criticisms. Some critics believed that the movie had bad scripts but was quick to point out the standout performance of Calli Taylor.
She later featured in The Wrong Boy Next Door (2019), The Wrong Stepmother (2019). At this point, we really want to believe that she is not particularly tuned to movies that start with “wrong”. We are concerned too.

Other Lesser Known Facts About Calli Taylor

Here are other info about Calli Taylor you’d be surprised to find out:

  1. Calli Taylor’s birth name is Calliope lane Taylor but she’s lived with her nickname Calli for so long that people don’t remember her full name anymore
  2. She was born in Gainesville Florida but she lives in Los Angeles, the city of stars.
  3. Calli has the Banana body type which makes her all the more attractive and sexually appealing
  4. Her eye color is brown and her hair color is blonde • Calli Taylor’s body measurement is 32B-24-35, with chest size 34 in, Waist 24 in, and hips 34 in
  5. For tattoo lovers, it’s sad that Calli Taylor has no tattoo. We can hope that it becomes her thing later on O Calli Taylor is a graduate of the University of Southern California O Taylor’s debut movie is Eight the short film, Eight One Eight
  6. In 2020, she features in the movie, Rogue
  7. Taylor’s hobbies include reading, photography, learning, traveling, internet surfing and to name a few
  8. Although Taylor has the trim body, she is not a vegetarian; she is proudly non-vegan.

Was She in a Relationship With Anthony Konechny?

We really cannot say Taylor and Konechny are dating. There is nothing to substantiate this submission if we throw it out, but we have seen quite a number of their pictures together. As we said, it doesn’t look like something is going on with the both of them.
Taylor’s privacy is quite legendary and how she has been able to pull the media away from her private life should be learned at Harvard.
Calli has a large social media following. With over 70K followers on her IG page, you can tell that she still has her foothold on the hearts of fans.
You can check her out on Instagram below!

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