Save Money by Watching TV Online with Our Complete Guide
Save Money by Watching TV Online with Our Complete Guide

Are you done with having to pay bills for a monthly subscription to watch your favorite shows and movies? Why don’t you think about watching content online for free if that is the case?

Paying bills may not seem like that big deal when you’re paying a set amount every month. But when you look at it annually, you will realize how you have spent hundreds of dollars on bills that could’ve been reduced.

So, reducing your TV cost is the way to go. You might think that is impossible, but trust us when we say it is. And we are not even talking about pirated content over here. Instead, there are ways through which you can enjoy online streaming services, and our ultimate guide will tell you all about them.

The Ultimate Guide to Watch TV Online

If you want to save money while watching cable TV, then it is a good thing that you’re here. Seeing how the recession has taken over the entire world, now would be the best time to save extra dollars in your monthly account.

Here we are to let you know how you can continue to consume content and save money simultaneously. Follow these tips, and you can save substantial money by the end of the year.

1- Get Ready to Binge Watch

Although we don’t recommend binge-watching seasons. It is very time consuming and you may end up wasting some very precious time. However, when it comes to saving money, you can wait for all the episodes to drop, then binge-watch them and unsubscribe once you’re done.

For instance, you have subscribed to Netflix, and now you’re waiting for the TV series “You” to come out. Considering how its latest season will drop in two parts within a month, you should wait until the second part comes out and then subscribe.

This way, you won’t have to pay for two months to watch a season and can watch all the episodes together in one go. Also, while catching up on Netflix, you might want to cancel your other subscriptions if you have purchased any.

2- Check Package Bundles for Internet and Cable Services

Providers that offer both internet and cable service often offer package bundles where homeowners can get both services for a much cheaper price. 


Experts from stated that if you want to save money by watching TV online but still want to have options, taking advantage of such bundles is a must. There are a ton of companies that offer such deals, however, make sure to choose a reputable one.

3- Purchase Annual Subscription

If you want access to online streaming platforms all year round, check for yearly subscriptions instead of monthly payments.

Most digital streaming platforms offer 70-80% discounts if you purchase an annual subscription. So you just have to pay once until the following year, and you will be able to save a tremendous amount of money this way.

So, instead of buying monthly subscriptions, anytime, you find a deal for annual subscriptions, go for it. Also, if you’re having trouble with your service provider regarding streaming content online, you should switch your internet provider.

4- Never Subscribe to Live TV

Many live streaming services are available online, such as Hulu Live and YouTube Live, which are far more expensive than digital platforms like Netflix or Disney Plus.

Suppose you drop these live subscriptions and only purchase on-demand subscriptions. Also, you can search for cheaper alternatives if you want a subscription to watch live TVs, such as sports and news.

For instance, Sling TV is among the cheapest digital channels for live subscriptions so go for it. Or you can check out other free live TV options available.

5- Stick to a Basic Plan

Every day you may receive millions of emails about the latest upgrades to streaming platforms. However, another way to reduce costs is to steer clear of these upgrades and simply purchase a basic plan.

For instance, buying a basic plan for Netflix will cost around $7 per month. But if you’d like to purchase more screens,the cost will double. Of course, the additional features are tempting, but you need to look at the bigger picture.

Until or unless you will be sharing your screens with friends or family, you should stick to a simple and basic plan that is far more convenient than the rest.

6- Grab Gift Cards on Sale

You might have seen different gift cards available for online streaming services at kiosks. Another way to save your hard-earned money is to grab these gift cards when they are on sale and use them to purchase a subscription.

Most brands and departmental stores use digital platforms as a marketing scheme. The stores distribute these gift cards in return for advertising space and revenue. So, if you ever come across a gift available at local brands or departmental stores, stock them up according to your available budget.

It will help you greatly in the future, and you can redeem these gift cards to get discounts on your monthly or yearly subscriptions.

7- Purchase Cheap Streaming Devices

Many people have a misconception that they will have to invest in expensive smart TVs if they want to stream content online. That is not true. You can easily purchase cheap streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast and convert your regular TV into a smart TV.

These devices are usually available on sale, and if you can wait for the Black Friday sale that will be going up in the coming week, you can buy them at an impeccable device.

8- Negotiate Your Internet Bill

Another thing worth adding here is that you can only stream digital platforms with high-speed internet. So if your internet service isn’t up to par, watching TV shows and movies online will become challenging.

The first thing you can do is call your internet service provider and negotiate a lower bill. Tell them how other services are charging less than what they are and figure out if they are willing to budge on the monthly bill.

If not, change your internet service provider. Look for other options in your locality and find which internet service provider offers impeccable internet service at a minimal cost. Most people can save tons of bucks when they switch their internet service provider so that you could try.

9- Check Free Streaming Services

Lastly, if you want to reduce the TV cost entirely and would rather watch on free streaming services than buy subscriptions, look at the top free streaming services online.

The internet is loaded with content, and there is always a platform available where you can watch content for free. However, keep in mind that these streaming services don’t always offer HD content. You may also have to wait for a few months until Blu-ray print is available on the websites.

But, if you’d like to watch old shows and movies, then yes. Free streaming websites have tons to offer in that regard.

Final Verdict

Saving money by watching TV online is more manageable and far more convenient than you think. You just need to figure out which ones are the right buttons to push, and then you can start streaming online at a minimal cost.

From buying annual subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu or going on free streaming platforms, the options at your disposal are endless. You can also buy shared monthly subscriptions, and your family and friends can pay collectively for a single subscription.

We have given you a complete guide to saving money and reducing your billing cost. We hope it helps.

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