Rewatching High School Musical
Rewatching High School Musical

There won’t be any more new episodes of High School Musical: The Series (which we will abbreviate HSMTS). After 38 episodes and a four-year run, HSMTS came to an end in August 2023.

But you can still watch, re-watch, and re-re-watch your favorite episodes of HSMTS on Disney+. And you can rent or buy episodes on Amazon, Google Play, or Vudu, or buy episodes on YouTube, or watch the series on Roku.

Here’s why you should.

HSMTS Is Full of Original Songs

Screen Rant identifies seven unforgettable songs in High School Musical: The Series. 

  • Start of Something New was one of the most popular songs in the movie, and it was one of the first songs performed on the TV show. Nini sings it when she works up the courage to audition for the role of Gabriella.
  • The Medley, The Mash was the most popular soundtrack from the 2006 movie on which the Disney+ series was based. In HSMTS, the entire cast sings it together.
  • Long-term fans love Breaking Free. Ricky and Nini rehearse it several times in the first three episodes, and break out in a wonderful rendition in the fourth.
  • Out of the Old. Even if you don’t keep up with High School Musical, you may know about Olivio Rodrigo. In the series, she is Nini, the actress who writes and performs her own songs. One of her best is Out of the Old from the seventh episode.
  • The character Miss Jenn is high-energy and low-reality. She gets into trouble with the school board when they discover lies on her résumé. The drama club performs Truth, Justice, and Songs In Our Key to remind her of all the good she has done and to convince her to fight for her job.
  • I Think I Kinda, You Know starts off as a cheesy flirtation posted by Nini to get Ricky’s attention on Instagram. But Nini and Ricky transform it into a memorable love ballad on YouTube.
  • Ashlyn is one of the unsung heroes of the series. She helps Nini come into her own when she lets her join her performance of Wondering.

The Series Benefits from Clever Casting

Producer Tim Federle cast three actors from the movie, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel, and Monique Coleman, in the first four episodes of the series. Their presence helped fans of the movie become fans of the show. He also cast stars with cross-series appeal like Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron.

Suitable for Older Tweens

Today’s tweens may have been watching Sesame Street when HSMTS started its run. The show does have some romantic content reflecting today’s world (for instance, the co-president of the East High Drama Club Ryan Evans is confirmed as gay, although he may be better known for always wearing a fedora). Still, the show is mild enough to keep even cautious parents comfortable.

You Don’t Have to Know the Prequel or the Sequels to Enjoy the Show

Never watched HSMTS before? Now is the time to start! You can start anywhere in the series and enjoy the music, the romance, and complex characters.

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