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Star GIrl

Television proved once again that life is often not fair. Despite the best efforts of both fans and showrunners, “Stargirl,” the show based on the comic that was created by Geoff Johns, was not renewed for a fourth season.

When word of its cancellation hit Twitter, there was an outpouring of love. They included Tweets from fans, who expressed both their thanks for how the show was representative of so many people and sadness that it was over far earlier than they felt it should have been.

It wasn’t just the fans that took to the site. Brec Bassinger, the star of the show, expressed both sadness and hope in a tweet

So did the AfterShow podcast.


The Sale of The CW Network Was The Issue

The CW changed hands and the new owners have a completely different viewpoint and strategy. This has already alienated fans. Time will tell if they made the wrong decision.

It’s not just “Stargirl” that saw the axe. The new owners also got rid of “Legends of Tomorrow,” “Batgirl,” and “Nancy Drew.” It seems like they are going after a different audience … and it’s not comic book fans. With “The Flash” and “Riverdale” also winding things up with the last season, this is even more obvious.

The Nature of The Beast

Unfortunately, this is the way of television. There are hundreds and hundreds of shows that had so many episodes that were left in the tank. They were cut short for a variety of reasons, ranging from short-sighted executives who didn’t see the promise to not promoting them enough (one of the problems “Stargirl” faced)  to their matching them up against other rating juggernauts at the same time.

It seems like reality shows have become far too much of a trend and networks love spending as little money as possible on their shows. This is the nature of the beast. Hopefully, Bassinger and all of her cast mates will find steady work on other shows – they almost always do.

But when things like this happen, it leaves a bit of a bitter taste in the mouths of the fans. It can be hard for them to invest their time and emotions in a show, getting attached to characters … and then having to bid farewell to them far too early.

A New Hope?

While it is sad that the show won’t see a fourth season on the CW, there is a bit of a glimmer of hope. It’s not a guarantee or anything, but James Gunn, who just took over the helm of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) could have liked what he saw with the “Stargirl” show and might wind up bringing Bassinger and some cast members into the fold.

This would be a better solution than what Fox tried with the “Firefly” franchise when they added a movie, “Serenity,” after canceling the show. Fans better hope that Gunn doesn’t decide to have Stargirl encounter the same fate as Wash did in the movie. Now that just wouldn’t be cool.

The “Stargirl” show will be airing its final episode in December 2022. After that, people will have to wait to see if it soars to the big screen or remains grounded.

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