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Cinema HD

Do you feel stuck when it comes to downloading the best codes for your Amazon Firestick, Android TV, and Box? We all experience it. These codes allow us to download games and apps to our TVs, as we all know.

Here are the codes I use to watch movies, tv-series, series, live tv apps, and games.

These codes work and are safe and secure. You might want to check out our codes for FireTV stick 4K and FireTV 2nd, 3rd generations, FireTV cube, Mi TV Sticks, Nvidia Shield, and Smart TVs.

This article also provides instructions on how to download APK files directly to your TV via downloader codes. I have also added streaming apps that are not available on the official Play Store.

What are Downloader Codes and How do They Work?

Downloader codes, as the name suggests, are short forms of URLs that allow you to download files. This allows you to download the app files directly to your TV without having to enter a full web address.

It is a great file manager service that smart TV-Browsers can use to download APK files and then install them in just a few simple steps.

Android platforms do not allow third-party applications to be installed, however, we can download such apps through the Downloader app.

This service has the best feature that users can upload Apk files to file-sharing websites such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Mega. You can also download bulk files and transfer Apk files.

It is so easy to download games and apps to your TV.

  • The Downloader can be downloaded and installed on your device. If you don’t have it installed, click here.
  • Start the Downloader app
  • In the web address bar, enter your favorite app code. (Check out our list below)
  • Enter “Go”
  • The file will now be downloaded to your TV storage.
  • When the installation window opens, click on the “Install” link.
  • To complete the installation, follow the steps on the screen.

The Best Downloader Codes for 2022

The latest codes have been listed. They include all the popular apps from the entertainment section. These apps can be used to jailbreak your firestick.

1. Cinema HD – 59745

This code will download the most recent version of Cinema HD to your Firestick/Android television. You can watch unlimited hours of the most recent movies, shows, and videos for free. It allows you to explore content in different languages and countries.

2. Aptoide TV – 48157

Aptoide TV allows you to download and install android apps and games, just like the Google Play store. Aptoide allows you to update, install, and uninstall any app or game from within the Aptoide store. This is the second-most trusted APK store, after the Play store. This store only hosts select apps that are compatible with smart TVs. You can find apps such as Youtube, Crackle, and PPSSPP on Puffin TV.

There are currently over 2500+ TV apps available. All of these apps are free!

3. KODI – 355625

Due to restrictions, Kodi cannot be pre-installed onto our TVs. We must manually download it. I prefer downloading Kodi for TV via Downloader codes. This is the easiest way to install and it takes only a few minutes.

I’ll let you know if you don’t have any idea about Kodi.

Kodi is a popular media streaming player that was originally designed for smart TVs. It can play all types of media content, both online and offline. You can also outsource media sources and add them to Kodi.

4. FilmPlus – 41290

FilmPlus is an Android application from third-party developers that offers thousands of movies and TV content for free. You can download the Filmplus app to any Android OS TV or Firestick via Downloader. After the demise of Terrarium TV, Filmplus was introduced to the streaming market. It is still in operation and offers premium links to videos with subtitles. It even extracts 4K links that are compatible with 4K TVs.

5. Tivimate – 18242

Tivimate is an IPTV Player (not an IPTV Provider) that allows users to add IPTV services via M3U links. You don’t have to connect your cable TV if you already have Tivimate installed. Instead, you can access a large selection of TV channels free of charge. While you might consider using an IPTV provider, Tivimate allows you to integrate as many channels as possible so that you can enjoy them all.

6. Syncler – 65949

Do you want a single-stop code that downloads both movies and live tv channels? Syncler is an ideal service for Android TV. It includes media services such as Premiumize, Real-Debrid and Trakt.

Syncler supports external players such as VLC, MX Player, and VLC. They recently added the most popular Anime content.

7. MX Player – 76252

We have seen MX player as one of our favorite downloader codes. It can be used by Indian users to download content that is related to India and it also acts as a media player for TV.

It can play any media content, both online and from internal storage. This code must be checked.

8. Cyberflix TV – 59601

Cyberflix TV, a streaming service currently re-emerging, has not been working many times.

It is now working perfectly and serves HD titles and series like usual.

It will replace other apps such as Cinema HD, Filmplus, and Kodi.

9. APKTime – 1294

APKtime is the longest-running APK store in 2022. It is constantly updated with the top apps in different categories.

This app’s owners deserve our gratitude for updating hundreds of apps each day. APKTime is unique because it offers a simple and straightforward store.

10. LiveNET TV – 86975

LiveNet TV app has many TV channels from Canada, the UK, and the USA. LiveNet TV is the preferred method of accessing Internet TV for most cord-cutters.

This app is not safe. The app is 100% safe and there are no known threats.

11. Spotify Premium – 7113

On social media, I see people searching for a downloader code to Spotify Premium mod. A modified version of the Spotify music streaming app is now available on Android TV and firestick. This code will allow you to install the Spotify music app.

12. TVTAP – 83272

This code contains a TVTap app that allows you to stream TV shows directly from your Smart TVs, without the need for a subscription.

Although this is a TV show app, it includes shows from worldwide.

13. Es File Explorer – 73100

ES file explorer is our favorite file manager because it allows us to install Android apps from it. It allows you to download files from websites and manage files from internal/external storage.

This code will allow you to download ES file explorer software for your firestick.


Any downloader code must include the latest version of the app and the original app. This is not fake or modified. These 13 downloader codes, from my perspective, are official, trustworthy, and up-to-date.

These codes might not always be available or deleted by their creators. If this happens, our team will try to fix it with an alternate or new code.

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