Best Face Filters Apps for your Social Media Profiles
Best Face Filters Apps for your Social Media Profiles

Smartphones can now provide traditional cameras with a shot for their price. However, a quality camera isn’t enough to take excellent photos. Everyone wants to use their best picture when it comes to selfies.

Thankfully, there are apps for face filters that can help you level up your selfie skills and make you look stunning even on your worst days. Face filter apps allow you to show your creative side and give your photos a sophisticated appearance. You will be able to find the perfect filter for your photographs, with hundreds of different aesthetic choices to choose from, also you can make an aesthetic theme for your social media profiles.

If you want to resemble a model in your selfies, below-mentioned are the top face filter apps that are available for your smartphone that you can download now. Before downloading, make sure to have a viable and fast-speed internet connection like Xtream Internet for a smooth process.

With that sorted, let’s dig in to learn more about the apps.

  1. Instagram

Poor filters used to be a source of criticism for Instagram. In the app, camera presets were the first to be used. However, they were unable to nail it. Despite this, Instagram has increased its game since its beginning. Even though the filters have mostly the same names as they did eight months ago, the only difference is that they appear more natural and produce better results.

Instagram filters still need some work. However, it at least gives you more control over how your images appear. It is more efficient as you don’t need to leave the application to alter images. It also lets you modify brightness, contrast, and saturation. If you’re not ready to install any third-party applications, this is the fastest and most simple alternative for you. Once you are done with editing, share the photos, and you’ll start to see those hearts pop up on your screen.

  1. Snapchat

The majority of people use Snapchat for selfies, as well as to chat with their friends and share photos. A large part of Snapchat’s popularity can be attributed to its distinctive lenses and face filter effects that are constantly being updated.

Create your own filters for your face on Snapchat by adjusting various settings, if you are looking for something extraordinary. Snapchat allows you to use other filters made by other users, which is why Snapchat is one of the top filtering apps available. In addition, you can personalize your photographs on Snapchat with text overlays, Bitmoji, and World Lenses, in addition to filters for faces.

  1. Afterlight

Afterlight is a free photo editing program that has a simple layout to assist users in enhancing their images by using powerful tools, including filters, textures, and frames. Some features are available in a free version while some are only accessible with the paid version. Whether you are a novice or a professional, you can use this user-friendly app.

Simple design, coupled with powerful and quick tools can give you the desired appearance within seconds. One limitation of this software is that it cannot be used in landscape mode.

  1. YouCam

YouCam Perfect is the famous and most effective free photo editing software with many possibilities to enhance your image aesthetics and quality. It offers a wide collection of photo editing features as well as enhancement tools that include hundreds of attractive filters to match your mood. The application is accessible for free and comes with premium options that include more filter pack options.

With YouCam Perfect, you can apply over 600 photo filters to enhance the appearance of your selfies and other images. YouCam Perfect has spectacular filters for every function, theme, holiday, and a lot more. Moreover, it offers another unique feature that you can improve the photos just by tapping.

  1. Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the best mobile photo editing apps available. In addition to offering filters, it comes with all the tools needed for everything, including eliminating acne marks to enhancing skin tone.

Snapseed provides a broad range of filters to try. Some filters can alter the photos into polaroid or vintage ones in sepia. It also offers options including Glamour glow for enhancing portraits and HDR Scape to enhance photos of landscapes.

  1. VSCO

VSCO is among the most well-known photo editing applications for iOS as well as Android. The app comes with a variety of beautiful filters that will take your selfies to a completely new level.

VSCO offers 10 presets for free, which you can alter by using a simple slider; however, you can buy more from the collection of more than 200 filters. The editing tools are easy and allow you to alter and experiment with hue, brightness, colors, and sharpness. You can also alter the temperature, sharpness, and many more.

Another benefit of using VSCO is the ability to alter the parameters of the filter you employ. If a filter appears too stark, you can lower it to what you like.


These face filter apps will allow you to take the best selfies, even when you’re not feeling at your best. They have amazing filters, stickers, and auto-beautification tools to make you appear flawless and your most beautiful self. Try them out if you are too lazy to apply makeup or simply want to step up your social media game.




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