Ursula Stolf

Ursula Stolf has always had it quite rough while growing up. Realizing the effects of poverty and lack, she learned to hustle while going to school. Luckily she discovered a money-making opportunity which didn’t just fetch her money but put her on screen.

Learning the ropes of dealing with storage containers, Ursula Stolf grew a business out of this side hustle. But this does not mean she has given up on her pursuits and ambitions.

The well educated competitor of the TV show, Storage Wars: Canada, has risen from a rough start to a successful present. You may not know this alongside other interesting facts which we’ll be discussing in this article. Stay put!

Fast Facts on Ursula Stolf

Before we touch the heart of the gist, here are basic facts about Ursula Stolf that you might already know!

The Storage Container Story

To begin with, the storage locker business is not for lazy people as with other businesses. These storage lockers are a neglected business, maybe because not many persons are aware or understand how it works. Additionally, if you consider the difficulties of hurling goods across the state as a result of the Canadian poor weather conditions you will see more reason.

I am quite sure most persons will give up on discovering the amount of hard work involved. Truly, the business involves proper planning and management, resilience, and smart thinking.

Being street smart herself, it is not surprising that Ursula Stolf built a viable business from this side hustle. Selling off rare artifacts and other such commodities in her store and online boosted her income base.

By buying a storage locker, Stoll resells commodities like a mui-mui boot, sex toys, and prosthetics amongst others. Ironically, Stolf was introduced to the business by her late father who divorced her mom when Stolf was very young.

Now that you know about Ursula Stolf’s storage container business, let’s dig out other interesting facts about the Canadian businesswoman.

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15 Interesting Facts About Ursula Stolf

Here are facts we believe you didn’t know about Ursula Stolf until now.

#1 She is Mid-Eastern and North African

Although there are no concrete details about her parents, Ursula boasts of a rich heritage. Reports gathered revealed that she enjoys the rich ancestry of her progenitors, although we don’t know exactly which parent is Mideast/North African. Her beauty is a well-mixed blend of the Mideast and North African. She is a Canadian by birth.

#2 She Loves Animals

It is endearing to discover this soft side of her. Stolf rescues stray animals, providing them with the warmth and shelter they require. And no, Ursula has no specifics or favorite. She loves them all whether dogs or cats.

#3 Her Mom is her Best Friend

Seeing her Mother strive to feed both her and her sisters made Stolf build strong compassion for her mom, hence, the shared pain brought the women together. Growing up with her Mum as the only parent established this close relationship. Helping to provide the family’s income by working side by side with her mom also strengthened their bond a lot.

#4 Her Dad Was a Violent Man

Stolf’s early memories of her father are one of violence against her mom and sisters. Unable to handle his problems and get a solution, Stolf’s parents had to undergo a divorce. Many years down the line, Ursula and her sisters understood their parent’s decision to opt for a divorce. At that time, it was preferable to the option of losing their mother.

#5 She Grew Up Poor

Following her parent’s divorce, Stolf’s mother moved the family to the free housing quarters. Her mom worked multiple jobs to feed and cater to the young family. They all lived in a tight, smelly, and crampy place while sharing a bathroom together. Nevertheless, when they could afford better accommodation, the family relocated to a better apartment.

#6 Ursula Stolf Hates Alcohol

Staying off the dark green bottle has helped Stolf incredibly until out of curiosity she tasted it. This was while she was celebrating a successful High School Matriculation. She actually got drunk and thus hated alcohol. To make matters worse, she had a hangover till the next day! Ever since then, Ursula Stolf hates the green bottle and all that it represents or reminds her of.

#7 Rexdale, Woodbridge, Canada: A Bio

This is the county of StoIf’s childhood days although she was born in Ontario before the family moved to Rexdale. And this came right after the unfortunate divorce between her parents. Ursula Stolf has three other sisters and she was born on September 1, 1984.

#8 Ursula Stolf Has Two Degrees

Right after High School, Ursula enrolled in Niagara College where she obtained a Bachelor in Education. Subsequently, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Education from Mount St. Vincent University. Those degrees happened not to be enough for Ursula Stolf, so she proceeded to gain a second bachelor’s degree. She got enrolled at York University to study Sociology, which she has completed. Stolf also has a post-graduate in Human Resources and she hopes to bag a professorial degree soon.

9# Bike Lover and Rider

While growing up, Ursula loved to explore and enjoy her free time riding a bike. This enabled her to keep fit and tan all these years. It also helped her get away from the pressures of home and work and think creatively.

#10 She is Married to Her Childhood Sweetheart

It’s amazing that two people who met at Grade 10 kept loving themselves into adulthood. Ursula is married to Mike Stoll, her childhood friend and confidante. They got engaged in their mid-twenties and sealed it off with a private wedding party. They’re happily married, although they don’t have kids yet.

#11 A Virgo Star

The Virgo is a passionate, loyal, observant, analytical, dominating, and cheerful personality. These are the attributes Ursula Stolf exhibits in her interpersonal relationships. The self-effacing female has a sharp wit. One of her many weaknesses is the fact that she is sensitive to issues and this plays out when she is falsely accused of adultery.

#12 She Owns a Storage Locker Business

Ursula Stolf learned the storage locker business from her late father and decided to create a business out of it. She started by reselling commodities from her websites and her social media accounts, especially her Instagram account. Remarkably, the business ushered her into the limelight.

#13 Stolf and the Storage Wars

The Storage Wars Canada features key players in the Storage Locker Business out of which one of them is Ursula Stolf. Although it no longer premiers on the OLN network, Ursula Stoll made appearances from 2013 to 2019 when the show stopped airing. It was in this reality show that she earned the moniker ‘Knockout’ for always obtaining knock out prizes in her storage lockers.

#14 Her Favorites

Besides loving animals, Ursula Stolf enjoys singing in karaoke sessions, uploading them on her YouTube channel. She also has a passion for Television Shows like Friends and movies like Sweeney Todd: The Demon Bather on Fleet Street.

She also likes From up on Poppy Hill while Courtney Cox and Johnny Depp remain her favorite actors. Ursula loves to read and travel. Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars are her favorite music artists

#15 Ursula Stolfs Achievements

Stoll has been nominated for Canada Screen Awards, winning the Canadian Screen Awards Charts. Interestingly, Storage Wars now streams on Netflix and she has featured on the Television Show Aix Software. Currently, her net worth is between $800,000 – $1 million which is likely to increase in the coming days.

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