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What everyone wants to know is Kristen Luman is married and to who, especially considering that the redhead is beautiful. Strange questions but understandably so because of the nature of her job which makes her interact with ghosts. Incredible line of profession and the fact is she wraps all she does in such a healthy dose of professional finesse.

Adding the spice of humor and you would possibly wonder at the mystery that surrounds this sort of work. Regardless, it is evident that everyone desires to have a peek into the private life of Kristen Luman.

One wonders what it means to love a person used to the paranormal realm, considering the stories of ghost hunting. Adding to this skill is the ability to hypnotize a subject or even elicit information from one’s inner child.

Whether or not this skill is to heal an individual or to facilitate an investigation, we agree on one thing. And this is that possessing such skill will invariably interfere in her inter-personal relationships. Regardless, as spooky as these details sound, one question still piques our interest and it is; is Kristen Luman married.

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However, tall tales never works on her kind of personality neither do speculations. There is not much to know about her background, her friends, and other things about her. This may probably be the reason for the heightened interest in Kristen Luman. Notwithstanding these, it is sufficient that there is a little we can glean about her, and below are these details.

Kristen Luman Bio

Kristen Luman is born on 17th October. There are no details about her birth year, family, high schools she graduates from. Life seems to start for Kristen Luman during her college days and after graduation from college. Details stating this are supplied later on for now; it is sufficient that she is a graduate.

Career, Achievement, and Net Worth

Kristen earns a Bachelor’s Degree from Portland State University in Paranormal Psychology and Human Development. Further enrolling into the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, she learns Hypnotherapy. Upon certification in 2013, she registers with and becomes a member of the American Hypnosis Association.

As a Hypnotherapist, she specialized in anxiety, motivation, pre-surgical, self-confidence, Advanced Imagery Hypnosis and Childbirth, and weight loss. Besides these, she earns a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy graduating with Honors also at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.

Other certifications are in the field of Advanced Training in NLP, Child Hypnosis, Advanced Child Hypnosis, and Hypnosis in History. She is certified in Healing the Inner Child, Hypnosis and PSTD, Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator, Pain Management, and Energy Healing.

Besides, she is a member of the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (SSAP) and a user of the NIP. Also, Kristen Luman is a staunch believer in the Eriksonain School of Thought and she makes appearances on screen. Shows like The Ghost Hunters, Ghost Mine (2013), Strange Escapes, Spiral (2007), and Harvest of Fear (2004), Drama Queens (2009).

Host television shows like The Ghost Hunters and Ghost Mine, Kristen has helped in educating the American Society. The education and information are particularly helpful to both town dwellers and antique house possessors. Another category of persons or rather a profession, is the police force and persons who handle abuse cases.

Kristen Luman through her expertise has helped to uncover truths behind some criminal cases and establish the veracity of some legends/myths. This is in addition to the individualistic healings she conducts on persons going through some traumatic experiences.

Net Worth

Nevertheless, Kristen does not treat mental cases in as much as someone is diagnosed with a mental problem. She is content helping an individual develop his mind by overcoming fears. By her work, Kristen has come to expose the existence of the paranormal realm.

Stating that this realm is as much a part of us as our physical realm and she rewarded handsomely through her efforts. Although she is still at the onset of her career, Kristen Lauman is worth $1-5 Million.

Is Kristen Luman Married?

Dwelling on Kristen’s life, one wonders if Kristen Lauman is in a love relationship of whatever nature. It is okay that she is known for her professionalism as a co-investigator and a paranormal researcher.

However, is Kristen Luaman married, and to whom and when? Unfortunately, there is nothing in the news about this aspect of her life and she sure keeps her private life secret.

Conclusively, Kristen Lauman is a single woman who is dedicated to promoting her work as a paranormal doctor. So at this point, we can confidently say that bearing future events, for now, Kristen is married to her work.

Adding to the above, she is actively online and loves to update the public on her work. For more information on her life, you can reach out to her on her ,..iebsite or you may follow her on Instagram.


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