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Not many girls aged 17 have over 6 million followers on social media. Nessa Barrett, however, has such huge followership. She has captured attention on TikTok, the popular social media platform bustling with fun seekers. Not stopping at TikTok, Barrett has translated her keen followership to Instagram, becoming an influencer on the famous app.

Nessa Barret who we know today as a TikTok queen actually joined TikTok through her little sister. Everything was merely for fun when she joined but her first video gathered a lot of traction and since then, Barrett has gathered millions of followers.

Barrett with her lip-syncing and all the inviting facial expressions holds several fans glued on TikTok, but asides this, what else do you know about the TikTok star? None? Then join us as we uncover certain interesting facts about your favorite TikTok star.

Fast Facts On Nessa Barrett

Here are facts you should have on your fingertips concerning Nessa Barrett.

Nessa Barrett’s Background

You will find very little of Nessa Barrett’s early background out there in the open. But we know that she was born on August 6, 2002. Her parents? We do not have an idea of their names, but we also know that Nessa Barrett has siblings. Her younger brother, Julian, has featured in several of Nessa’s TikTok videos. She is of Puerto Rican origin, and she also claims that her step-mom is from Egypt.

Barrett is a TikTok Star

Barrett’s first video on the popular social media platform got over 253,000 likes for Barrett simply dancing to a song playing in the background. After that video, she has posted several videos with mainly rap songs playing in the background.

Some of her videos have had over 4 million views. For a 17-year-old, this is huge. Her popularity has reverberated with fans her age. Some fans would say they like her free spirit, others would say her dance steps are quite hilarious. Whatever the comments, they all show that Barrett is constantly getting people talking, which is the hallmark of a star, or a future celebrity at best.

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Nessa Barrett Faced a Media Backlash

As a young girl, even with the fame and all, Barrett wasn’t above mistakes. While she thought dancing provocatively to a recitation of the Quran in the background with her friend was cool, she almost got into the black book of some people who called it insensitivity to religion. In the video, Barrett and her friend were giggling as they danced, making the audio sound like a club banger.

The Muslims and other religious folks alike didn’t find the video funny. They asked Barrett to take the video down. Some tagged the video as disgusting, while others felt the video was nothing but offensive.

The teenager had no other option than to take it down, apologizing that she stumbled on the audio while she and her friends tried to brainstorm for new ideas for her page. Many didn’t take her apology well as they felt she was not remorseful in her apology. Barrett simply said, “I think I’m sorry”.

Another controversy

Sometime in 2019, Nessa Barrett claimed she was a Muslim. Some fans took it as a joke while others took it to be true. Along the line, however, Barrett made a video of herself singing along to a worship song about Jesus and captioned it, “I’m Muslim, and I oop.”

Several people were mad about this, claiming that she had insulted the Islamic religion. Her fans reminded her of her earlier claims of being a Muslim but it became clear that Barrett wasn’t a Muslim as instead of understanding the message of the Quran being read, Barrett danced to it. Some fans saw her action as a slap on the face of religion.

In a bid to pacify her fans, Barrett came up with an apology for the umpteenth time. She released a statement where she said, “I’m truly sorry and sincerely apologize for my actions. I’m still only a teen and am learning while being watched by millions.”

Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards

The duo started dating sometime in October 19, 2019. Josh Richards, like Barrett, is a TikTok star. The lovers constantly flaunted their love all over the web. In describing the first time he saw Nessa, Josh said he knew she was the one from a distance, as he liked the vibes she exuded. They initially didn’t announce they were dating, but you trust fans to make deductions after seeing them severally together.

They later confirmed they were together, solidifying their relationship by creating diss videos together for people who ‘crossed their paths’.

Nessa Barrett Splits With Josh Richards

Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards’ relationship was short-lived as they announced in June 2020 that they were done, citing that they needed to learn to be better on their own. Unlike several breakups, they made theirs look very cute, buttressing that breakups do not have to be toxic.

You can check her out on Instagram to further keep up with her relationship.


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