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Stevewilldoit Weight has caused a lot of controversies lately. Steve is one of the craziest individuals you can find anywhere on the intemet today. His online personality has been built around him doing the most ridiculous and outrageous stunts. These include drinking and eating anything in the shortest amount of time.

Stevewilldoit is your normal comedic personality and video creator on YouTube. He has developed a fan base for himself with his uploads that often involved stunts, eating, and drinking anything. He is also a prankster and he usually collaborates with the guys from Nelk.

These info are the ones he wants us to know, but how about the ones he doesn’t want you to know? Join us to uncover Stevewilldoit felony charges and other silent secrets about YouTuber that will leave you jaw-dropping!

Fast Facts about Stevewilldoit

Before we commence this secret ride with you, here are basic info of Stevewilldoit that you should know:


Who Is Stevewilldoit?

Stephen Deleonardis, best known as SteveWilloolt, is a social influencer and Instagram Star. He is famous for his Instagram and YouTube video clips where he usually does challenges like eating 15 burgers and drinking a full bottle of vodka in a very short period of time. He also displays insane stunts. According to his Instagram bio, He is equally known as the Healthiest man alive.

Personal Life and Education

Stevewilldoit was born on 26th August 1998. He is from Florida, the USA where he was born. As of 2020, he is 22 years old. Everything about this young man’s family such as siblings and parents is unknown.
Anyways, Stevewilldoit’s story began in High School but it escalated when he was attending Frostburg State University. He built a reputation for his occasional drinking after special events such as dances, proms, and high football games.

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Stevewilldoit Girlfriend — Celina Smith

Stevewilldoit is in a romantic relationship with Celina Smith and the couples are so in love with each other. His girlfriend, Celina, is 23 years old. She is an Instagram model by profession and has over 15k followers on Instagram. If you decide to go through their Instagram profile, it is best you see pictures where the love birds are together. It makes a heartwarming sight. Meanwhile, Stevewilldoit and Celina both make videos together for the YouTube channel.
Unfortunately, Stevewilldoit’s Instagram handle is private. You can’t see any of his posts until you send and he accepts your follow request.

Stevewilldoit Felony Charge

Stevewilldoit was in his late teenage age when he was charged by the Oviedo Police Department for driving while his license was suspended and in possession of marijuana. This outcome of this record is that Stevewilldoit cannot enter countries like Canada. So, Stevewilldoit often misses trips to Canada with the NELK crew due to this restriction.

10 Interesting Facts About SteveWiliDolt

Now here are interesting stuff no one ever told you about Stevewilldoit!

* There are very few people bold enough to say that they’re the healthiest man alive. But that’s exactly the title Stevewilldoit has given himself. Stevewilldoit, who lives in Florida, has regarded himself and the healthiest man alive.

* He was born on 26th August 1998, his real name is Stephen Deleonardis and he is 22 years old with millions of followers.

* Steve is also an official part of another successful YouTube channel called the Nelk Boys. They post videos of themselves pranking other people.

* Steve is on a felony charge for possessing marijuana and drug as a recent video posted by the Nelk Boys reveals. He was charged for the following: Possession of Marijuana, Drug Possession, and Driving While License was suspended. The charge happened back in 2017 before he became famous.

* Many of his videos get banned or removed from platforms like YouTube and Instagram Because of the outrageous type of stunts he displays.

* Steve was in a relationship with Celina Smith, another famous Instagram model. However, the couple recently separated because Steve accuses her of cheating on him. Well, we don’t know if this is a prank or rumor.

* He has posted plenty of videos of himself and his way of life but he doesn’t have much information concerning his family and his past on the Internet.

* He also recently created a YouTube account as SteveWillDoIt where he uploads longer videos of the whole challenge recorded rather than posting short clips on Instagram.

* Steve also has a twitter account with more than 30k followers and he posts regularly on it.

Stevewilldoit Weight and Physical Appearance

For one who performs gruesome eating challenges, you would expect Stevewilldoit to weigh heavily. You are not wrong! Stevewilldoit has a weight of 98 kg or 216 lbs. He is 5ft 7in tall and has dark blonde hair.

Steve has deep blue eyes – probably what Celina fell for – and a cute smile.

Stevewilldoit Net Worth

As of June 2020, the net worth of Stevewilldoit is $747,000. His main source of income is from his social media accounts. He has made lots of cash through his YouTube channel alone. According to the information we got, Stevewilldoit will collaborate with some other YouTubers in the near future. This collaboration, which will make him much more famous, will also enable him to increase his net worth.

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