The Pilou Pilou material
The Pilou Pilou material

The Pilou Pilou. Yes, you know that material which is very soft and terribly pleasant to caress. You’ve already touched it, maybe even put it on without knowing what it was. No ? Doesn’t that tell you anything? Well, I’ll explain it to you as much as I can about this material we love

What is pilou pilou ?

Pilou Pilou Definition:

Pilou is a unique textile made of fluffy cotton. This material is extremely soft and is similar to down. The easiest way to identify Pilou Pilou is to touch the material directly. You will see it is very easily identifiable.

Particularly appreciated in winter, it remains a material that we like whatever the season and especially for our cocooning days

It is found in different clothes and accessories. Here are the top 5 clothes that have it:

  1. The Pilou Pilou Bathrobe

The Pilou Pilou bathrobe is very common. Particularly worn in winter it is the garment of cocooning par excellence. Hooded, short or long the pilou pilou bathrobe is very popular with young women and girls. If you want to see it more closely click on the image below.

  1. The Pilou Pilou Socks

The Pilou Pilou socks are a favorite of many of us. Who has never dreamed of walking on little clouds? Very soft they bring a unique comfort which made of it the most wanted sock in Winter. Yes, imagine yourself with a pair of Pilou Pilou socks by the fire with a nice hot chocolate near you… Click on the image below to grab these unique socks!

  1. The socks

The pilou pilou socks are for the amateurs / lovers of socks without socks. It is the comfort of socks but felt differently with bare feet. Believe me, you will not dare to leave your house after trying them!

Little tip, you can put your Pilou Pilou socks on the radiator before putting them on your little feet!

Happiness guaranteed

  1. The Pilou Pilou Pajamas

If you want to have the perfect outfit, check out the Pilou Pilou pajamas. Many people seek them out and few are disappointed. More than just pajamas that you put on when you get out of the bath, the Pilou Pilou pajamas promise a deep, quick and restful sleep.With this article, you can be sure to spend nights more comfortable than ever!

  1. The Pilou Pilou suit

Generally those who stay more than 2 days at home without going out have one. The Pilou Pilou suit is so comfortable that we often refuse to remove it. But we are not going to go outside with it… As a result, we don’t go out at all!

Combine the costume with slippers and a pilou pilou blanket to be ready to hibernate all winter long!

This is the end of this nice article, I hope it will have allowed you to know more about the Pilou Pilou and especially to spend a warm winter with these clothes!

See you soons !


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