The Steampunk style
The Steampunk style: what is it?

What is the steampunk style? Before adopting this style, it is interesting to meet this universe to embody it better. Steampunk fashion has its origin in the literary genre of the same name.

Steampunk is based on a probable future taking place in the Victorian era. Supported by the writings of Jules Verne, H. G. Wells or Mark Twain, steampunk reveals itself as a world where the industrial revolution has never gone beyond steam engines. Human evolution then resulted in the increased use of steam engines and coal, in addition to materials like copper, brass and leather.

Creating a successful Steampunk look: how to do it?

Usually, the word “steampunk” is enough to imagine a woman or man dressed in a top hat, welder’s goggles, several pieces of clothing, and various accessories. Despite the veracity of this image, it is currently possible to appropriate the steampunk style for an everyday outfit as well as for an entire cosplay look.

Choose the right piece of clothing

A successful steampunk outfit must be based on a strong piece of clothing. The garment around which the whole look will be built and gives this famous crazy neo-futurist style.

As far as women are concerned, there are several options to choose from that make it easy to adopt a steampunk look. Among them is an indestructible piece that was originally an undergarment: the corset. It pairs wonderfully with a shirt or blouse, especially with puffed sleeves. It is possible to combine it with a velvet or leather coat, classic pants and leggings. Without a corset, the blouse goes very well with a lace skirt. Don’t forget to add Steampunk boots for a neat finish.

For men, adopting a multi-piece suit, a hat, and a pocket watch is a safe bet.

Choose the right accessory

Accessories are essential parts of the steampunk universe, just like the gears and cogs that make up this imaginary world. For a woman, lace or leather chokers are a must, in addition to the famous goggles or aviator sunglasses and copper chains. For a man, a walking stick is irresistible, along with a top hat and a pocket watch.

The jewelry should evoke various clock mechanisms or devices. Wear them on your neck, ears, and wrists. You can also wear a top hat, but in a mini version. In hot weather, keep your hair simple or feel free to run your hand through your hair to get a tousled look. You can then embellish your hairstyle with a feather clip or a big old-fashioned jewel. Finally, let yourself be guided by your desires, the goal being to have a look that is both vintage, dark and glamorous.


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