Features of an online Spa booking Software

A booking software allows the management of the spa to work on the things which matter instead of making and confirming appointments of the clients who never show up. Using the software can allow you to charge the customer a little percentage as the down payment and security of their arrival. The person who needs the service will not hesitate at this moment to filter out the potential clients.

Why do you need Software?

The software provides ease in the tasks that no normal human can ever do. The online spa booking software provides you with a lot of advantages. That can help your management staff manage your business with much ease.

Following are some of the features a software provides the spa owner and its management with:

Time saver

Booking software can save a great amount of your time in various ways. Such as if a customer is seeing forward to putting up a reservation for a service from your spa center. They can easily check the schedule on the app of spa software. And book an appointment at the time which suits them the best.

No more paperwork

Using the software prevents the management of the spa to deal with the load of paperwork. Now they don’t need to fill up the registers to confirm the booking of a client.

Staff Management

Admin staff can easily manage the staff of the sap center and their issues through the software application. Admin department and owner of the spa can observe the activity of every individual staff member without jumping between different apps. And can handle these tasks on a single platform.

Frictionless Payment

The software encourages the customers to pay online through their cards. This software gives the customers the option to use any debit card or credit card, or even allows the option of cash in case you are not comfortable with the online payment.

Keeps the track

The software makes you able to keep track of the history of every client of the spa. The software provides you with the facility to keep an eye on every transaction your customer has made including the method of the transaction.

An online spa booking software is mainly used by some business owners for only this feature, and every other feature comes as a by-product.

Customer’s Profiles

The software keeps all the data related to an individual customer in a single dashboard to make it easy for the staff members to access whenever they want. This profile may show each visit, the activities during the stay of the client, and even the timings of entry and exit.

The software makes it easy for management staff to update any changes in the customer’s profiles and medical records.

Automation feature

This feature allows the management staff of the spa center to automate many tasks of the management. Such as staff members can automate the confirmation emails tailored to the clients by their name, right after they confirm the booking.

The software can prevent you from the major blunder of double booking. Conventional bookings involved the use of a lot of paperwork which consists of the possibility of a great amount of human error. This feature can allow you the rest and will do each task assigned, with precision.

Inventory management

This software can make inventory management as easy as it was never before. You do not want to be embarrassed in front of the client by promising them a service and when the time comes you find yourself out of stock.

The software keeps every inventory and their stock number intact and keeps the history saved so that it can be viewed whenever needed.

Sales funnel

The sales dashboard allows the staff and owner to observe all the sales in a single dashboard. The dashboard can show each lead won and lost. The user-friendly interface of the software facilitates you with the opportunity to easily understand the sales process of the business.

There is also a separate portion that shows the source of the lead, making you able to know which sources need an update to get more leads. The online spa booking software can provide you with a lot of features like these to help grow your business.


The scheduler encourages the staff members to update their schedules and make new appointments according to their timetable. Member can also easily delete the newly made session. But if someone has booked themselves against it then it can’t be reversed.

Customers can check the availability of the staff before making an appointment. They can also be shown the special sessions if available at that time.

Staff application

The staff application allows the staff to enjoy various features of the application. Including the facility to communicate with the client to maintain a healthy relationship which can be helpful in the new future. Wellyx provides business owners and managers with all these features to help them manage and keep records of their businesses.

Data on servers

All the online data is saved on the servers of the software which makes you able to access the data from anywhere at any time you want. Now the customer does not need to take care of the receipts of the bills. But instead, that information is already saved in the system the moment the receipt is printed.


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