Teejayx6 Height: 10 Interesting Facts About Him

From Teejayx6 Height to his genre of rap music, everything about him is peculiar and unique. Ultimately, scam rap is a well-recognized genre of rap music, and it is enjoyed by avid rap music subscribers.

Generally, the heavy metallic beats of rap music try to hide the subtle encouragement of drugs and drug peddling. Another general theme that runs in rap music is the denigration and disrespect of the female gender. Largely, rap music promotes one form of criminal activity or the other except for Gospel Rap.

Unfortunately, most rap artiste does not bear a height reaching up to 6 feet. This also applies to Teejayx6 height who is barely above five feet and some inches. Possibly you may find justification for his small frame being that he is a teenager. 

Nevertheless, the mere fact that he is small does not hide this common allusion to rap artistes in this industry. He is simply fit to bear his weight in this industry being a new kid on the block. And he does this so well, considering how he produces rap music almost every season.

Wondering why height will be of consequence in this industry should not be a major concern. Wondering why Teejayx6 height should be the main focus of this post also should not bother you.

Inarguably, he is not born Teejayx6, and the symbol (*) together with the number 6 bears a meaning.  Like some written codes somewhere, both have something to do with his lifestyle and who he is as a person. This theme is uncovered as you read further; down below are some interesting facts about him.

  • Name: Teejay Witherspoon
  • Nationality: African American
  • Age:
  • Famous for: scam rap
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Spouse/Girlfriend: None at the moment
  • Height: 5ft 9inches
  • Weight: Not available at the moment
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Net Worth:

10 Interesting Facts About Teejayx6

#1 He is a Scammer

Teejayx6 started scamming at an early age of 12, taught of his older brothers who themselves are fraud masters. Upgrading his scam skills, he discovers the internet and social media and moves on to that space catching big fish.

Recently, in one of his interviews, he claimed to scam his fans by not shipping customized T-shirts they paid for. At another time, he scams his fans during an onstage performance and although he justifies this criminal life. Excusing this scam as someone who has no other legal means to make money.

But this excuse does not suffice for living and enabling criminal activities. Regardless, the teen opines that he does not scam close family members (as if we believe him). By contrast, one of his recent scam victims is his grandmother. Need I say more? Tread carefully!


#2 Teejayx6 is not a Drug Dealer/Peddler

Even though Teejayx6 sings about doing drugs and drug peddling, he admits not to be involved in any. Calmly claiming that singing about drugs and drug peddling is his desire to follow the trends in creating rap music.

Undoubtedly, he never denigrates women in his songs neither does his use swear words and his fans do love this. Uniquely different, Teejayx6 provides a fresh perspective to scam rap and he is valued above his peers.

#3 His Mother is Strict

Certainly, every mother wishes to raise responsible children no matter the situation, and his mom is no different. Teejayx6 lives with his mom and moves out sometime early last year but not without a fight with mom. There is no mention of his mother’s name or any other details about her yet, other than this fact.

Teejayx6 affirms that her principles clash with his life choices and he is too far into fraud to change. Our hearts are with his mom as she continues to pray that her boys change and become more responsible.

#4 Teejayx6’s Arrests

Before the start of his scam rap career, Teejayx6 has some run-ins with the police. Existing records reveal that he was arrested for wire fraud, identity theft, and possessing unauthorized access to a device. Also, he is charged with using 3,000 stolen credit cards to fund his rap career.  

Asides from the scam arrest during his performance on a live show, Teejayx6 successfully makes it to the radar of the police. And truth is, he is not stopping any time soon.

#5 He is Afraid

Please when Teejayx6 says he is afraid to perform in states like Detroit his hometown and Seattle, please believe him. Similarly, when he says he worries about accepting invitations to perform from certain persons please believe him. Consequences of scamming now weigh on him and he is wary of being a victim of a scam. Touché; what do we say to karma? Be patient!

#6 Teejayx6 Height

At five foot and nine inches, he is reputably one of the tallest rap artistes in the industry. 0f course, his height makes no direct bearing on his music career but it helps when conducting performances. Enabling him to bounce and bear his weight with grit while onstage. Impliedly, it means no elevator shoes for him; it is sufficient that he is average height.

#7 His Real Names is a Secret

Subsequently introduced to internet fraud and with sufficient expertise, Teejayx6 prefers to hide his real identity to perpetrate fraud. Besides, he deletes from the records anything connecting him to his family and removing his parents’ bio from anywhere.

XR which forms a part of his moniker derives from his use of the MSRX6 Credit and Debit Card Readers. Adding to this is a fear of reprisal attacks from the victims of his scam activities.

#8 He is from Detroit, Michigan

He grows up poor in Eastside, Detroit Michigan with a father and an uncle who abuses drugs. Unable to feed and fend for himself, his older brothers introduced him to a life of fraud. Now Eastside Detroit is notable for crimes especially drug dealing and violence. He remarks that he rarely leaves his house if he has nothing to do.

#9 He is Honest

Giving clear details about internet fraud more especially in his song Swipe Lessons and Fraudulent Activity 2020. Notably, giving details of scam in his fraud bible is a testament that Teejayx6 is a scammer. Recently affirming this publicly, Teejayx6 states that he may continue if music does not pay.

#10 He is Single

Yes, he is single and that should be what it is. Simply because he is a teenager who should focus more on his career and not on romantic relationships. Also, there is no record of a high school sweetheart anywhere and we wonder if he graduates from high school. At the moment, there is nothing about a love life anywhere.

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Regardless of Teejayx6 height, he remains the poster boy internet fraud and other credit card scam. This, however, does not stop him from producing rap music every other season.

Although he intends to keep pursuing his music career, Teejayx6 wishes to maintain his unique rap. Fans are loving his style of rap and though he prefers to go overbeat sometimes, always remember that he scams.

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